The overarching objective of the DTOceanPlus project is to develop and demonstrate an open source, integrated suite of 2nd generation design tools for ocean energy technologies including sub-systems, energy capture devices and arrays. These tools will support the entire technology innovation process, from concept, through to development, to deployment.

The following specific objectives will be achieved during the course of the DTOceanPlus project:

  • Producing a refined specification of the needs of ocean energy design tool users
  • Developing and verifying a design tool for concept selection
  • Developing and verifying a design tool for technology development
  • Developing and verifying design tools for technology and project deployment
  • Developing and verifying assessment tools for ocean energy technologies
  • Providing an industry standard for communicating technology descriptions throughout the sector
  • Integrating and demonstrating a suite of design tools for ocean energy technologies
  • Developing a knowledge base to underpin new or improved business and management models for the ocean energy sector
  • Developing a business plan for the exploitation of DTOceanPlus project results
  • Ensuring awareness and uptake of project results and knowledge throughout the ocean energy sector.

Within 5 years of completing the project, it’s expected that the results will contribute:

  • to achieve a significant increase in the number of ocean energy technologies successfully brought to market
  • to improve performance uncertainty thus allowing up to 6% and 8% reduction in Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) for wave and tidal respectively
  • to significantly reduce operating and maintenance (O&M) and installation costs.
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