Final press conference

The 16 partners of the European project DTOceanPlus organised a virtual press conference at the end of the project.

The aim of DTOceanPlus was to develop and demonstrate an open-source software suite to design and optimise tidal and wave farms complemented by an in-depth ocean energy market analysis. In order to represent the different aspects of the work done, 3 speakers took part in this event to answer attendees' questions;

For the press conference in English on 26 August 2021, the panellists were:

  • Pablo Ruiz-Minguela from Tecnalia, provided the project coordinator view;
  • Donald Doble from The University of Edinburgh, was able to provide more information on the user’s journey, training aspects and market analysis;
  • João Formiga from Energias de Portugal, highlighted the industrial prospective.

> Watch the replay of the conference in English

 For the press conference in French on 30 August 2021, the panellists were:

  • Neil Luxcey from France Energies Marines, outlined the key results of the project;
  • Frédéric Pons from Open Cascade, provided information on the integration of the different tools of the suite;
  • Erwann Nicolas from Sabella, he gave the testimony of a technology developer.

> Watch th replay of the conference in French

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