WP4 - Stage-Gate Design Tools

This work package will develop a Stage-Gate Design Tools to be applied in the Ocean Energy sector, facilitating the objective assessment of ocean energy systems, including sub-systems, energy capture devices and arrays. These tools will also guide development of technologies from concept to commercial deployment. They will provide the framework within which the Deployment and Assessment Design Tools (WP 5 & 6) can be applied to a structured stage-gate decision making process, allowing funders, investors and technology developers to select the most appropriate technologies to pass through stage-gates.

Specific objectives of this work package

  • Secure best practise for stage-gate technology development processes.
  • Define requirements in terms of digital information, data and assessment process to fulfil user requirements as in Work Package 2 - Refinement of User Needs.
  • Develop, test and verify the Stage- Gate Design Tools.

Tasks to be performed

Technical requirements for ocean energy stage-gate tools

This task will take the detailed functional, operational, user, interfacing and data requirements created in WP2 and convert them into a technical specification for the Stage-Gate Tool to be developed in development and testing task. This will result in a tool specification which has built upon the state-of-the-art across ocean energy and other sectors, providing a stage-gate framework which is capable of applying the deployment and assessment design tools (WP5&6) to facilitate stage-gate decision making at various TRLs.

Software development and testing - alpha version

By developing software and processes to satisfy the requirements previously generated, this task develops, adapts and evolves stage-gates and metrics for application to a stage-gate technology development programme for ocean energy. The output of this task is an alpha version of a stage-gate design tool and resulting framework which will take into account the various stages of technology development and the need for metrics and tools to evolve alongside with the TRL of the prospective technology.

Verification of the code - beta version

This task will carry out the testing of the tool in order to verify that it meets the requirements defined in WP2 and the technical requirements previously defined. At the end of the round of testing a stable version (beta) of the tool will be available, and it will be fully documented with a technical manual and a user manual. This version will be further validated and demonstrated using real data from the first pilot experiences in WP7.

Related deliverables

Deliverable D4.1 - Technical requirements for the implementation of a worldclass stage gate assessment framework in ocean energy
Deliverable D4.2 - Stage Gate tool - alpha version
Deliverable D4.3 - Testing and verification results of the stage gate tool - beta version

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