WP9 - Exploitation, Dissemination and Education

The main objective of this work package is to maximise the project impacts on the wave and tidal energy sector and the European value chain in general. It sets the framework for channelling and communicating information and knowledge needed and produced in the other work packages with the energy sector and public at large. Exploitation will be by making the software suite available to all interested parties and using the knowledge within to make improvements in cost of energy, reliability, safety, environmental impact and technical performance.

Specific objectives of this work package

  • Set up and maintain online communication channels for transparent information and proactive publicity.
  • Identification and engagement of the full ecosystem of stakeholders based on thematic groups.
  • Strengthening of the existing DTOcean community around the DTOceanPlus project.
  • Contribute to skill transfer by organizing proactive training sessions.
  • Communicate the project and its results beyond the project's own community to a multitude of audiences.
  • Contribute, upon invitation by the INEA, to common information and dissemination activities to increase the visibility and synergies between H2020 supported actions.
  • Evaluate the impact of all these activities and correct deviations.
  • Consolidate the design tools exploitation plan.

Tasks to be performed

Stakeholders engagement - website and online forum

Three sub tasks form the base of the communication tools deployment:

  • Set up and maintain a website for transparent information and active publicity, clearly linked to the first generation of tools from DTOcean
  • Set up and maintain an official forum to support the community. This forum will be the continuation of the LinkedIn group already created for DTOcean
  • Set up an open-source collaborative development and exploitation framework of the developed tools.

Communication activities and dissemination of project results

A comprehensive communication plan will be developed at the beginning of the project in accordance with the overall project management. This plan is an evolving document built on the results of a communication assessment of the DTOcean project results and capitalizing on the community. This includes among others:

  • Reporting on all forms of dissemination that is due to be published on a yearly basis. Organization of press releases, participation in properly chosen conferences and professional shows and fairs
  • Identification of the actual users of FP7 DTOcean tool and of the main key actors viewed as targeted audience
  • Strategy for the DTOceanPlus community strengthening, based on the online forum previously created
  • Initiation of an annual meeting of the DTOceanPlus community
  • Engagement of public at large and media to ensure that project actions can be understood by non-specialists.
  • Manage the information and knowledge produced and exchanged between all work packages.

Exploitation of project results

To ensure that DTOceanPlus impacts are maximised, the sustainability of the project outcomes must be secured. This exigence must be integrated in the way the tools themselves are designed. By opting for open source tools, the DTOceanPlus consortium relies on collaborative development, allows a great flexibility for the tools essential for a young industry and ensures sustainability through a strong community. Two levels of services are proposed (free and premium) to ensure a sustainable financial structure. Particularly, this task will describe the premium value-added professional services and products. The business plan will further evolve during the project by consulting all energy sector stakeholders, ongoing real projects of devices and arrays and refine the users’ needs and possible market penetration routes.

Education and Training

General education and training production includes:

  • Development of education materials (tools tutorials for self-training) to be integrated within the ETIP Ocean, MARINET2 and the upcoming Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance for Maritime Technology
  • Giving training sessions in premises of strategic targeted audience with a dedicated team that will visit and train stakeholders to the new tools
  • Webinars will be organized once a year. The first one will be about the general methodology and the digital twin concept, the second one will be connected to the stage-gate and structured innovation approaches, and the last one will be based on the global tool set.

Data Management

The Consortium strongly believes in the concepts of open science, and in the benefits that the European innovation ecosystem and economy can draw from allowing the reuse of data at a larger scale. The purpose of the Data Management Plan (DMP) is to provide an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that will be used by the Consortium with regard to the project research data. In month 6, the first version of Data Management plan will be issued, covering the complete research data life cycle and describing which data will be open. The DMP is not a fixed document, but will evolve during the lifespan of the project, particularly whenever significant changes arise such as dataset updates or changes in Consortium policies.

Related deliverables

Deliverable D9.1 - Project website and forum(s)
Deliverable D9.2 - Dissemination and communication plan
Deliverable D9.3 - Impact of dissemination and communication activities - 1st annual report
Deliverable D9.4 - Impact of dissemination and communication activities - 2nd annual report
Deliverable D9.8 - Education and training plan
Deliverable D9.9 - Knowledge exchange of educational and training material
Deliverable D9.10 - Data management plan - first version
Deliverable D9.11 - Data management plan - final version

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