Deliverable D2.1 - Results from user-groups consultation
Deliverable D2.2 - Functional requirements and metrics of 2nd generation design tools
Deliverable D2.3 - Demonstration methodology
Deliverable D3.1 - Technical requirements for the implementation of structured innovation in ocean energy systems
Deliverable D3.2 - Structured Innovation design tool - alpha version
Deliverable D3.3 - Testing and verification results of the structured innovation tool - beta version
Deliverable D4.1 - Technical requirements for the implementation of a worldclass stage gate assessment framework in ocean energy
Deliverable D4.2 - Stage Gate tool - alpha version
Deliverable D4.3 - Testing and verification results of the stage gate tool – beta version
Deliverable D5.1 - Technical requirements for the deployment design tools
Deliverable D5.2 - Site Characterisation - alpha version
Deliverable D5.3 - Energy Capture Tools - alpha version
Deliverable D5.4 - Energy transformation tools - alpha version
Deliverable D5.5 - Energy Delivery Tools - alpha version
Deliverable D5.6 - Station keeping tools - alpha version
Deliverable D5.7 - Logistics and Marine Operations Tools - alpha version
Deliverable D5.8 - Testing and verification results of the Deployment Design Tools - beta version
Deliverable D6.1 - Technical requirements for the assessment design tools
Deliverable D6.2 - Performance and Energy Yield Tools - alpha version
Deliverable D6.3 - Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Survivability Assessment Tool - alpha version
Deliverable D6.4 System Lifetime Costs tools - alpha version
Deliverable D6.5 - Environmental and Social Acceptance Tools - alpha version
Deliverable D6.6 - Testing and verification results of the Assessment Design tools - beta version
Deliverable D7.1 - Standard Data Formats of Ocean Energy Systems
Deliverable D7.2 - Detailed description of demonstration scenarios
Deliverable D7.3 - Scenarios Input Data
Deliverable D7.5 - Database visualisation and maintenance tool
Deliverable D7.6 - Final suite of design tools for devices and arrays
Deliverable D7.9 - Overall technical and sector recommendations
Deliverable D8.1 - Potential Markets for Ocean Energy
Deliverable D8.2 - Analysis of the European Supply Chain
Deliverable D8.3 - Feasibility and cost-benefit analysis
Deliverable D8.4 - Developing ocean energy standards for business management models in ocean energy
Deliverable D8.5 - Relevant legal, institutional, and political frameworks
Deliverable D9.1 - Project website and forum(s)
Deliverable D9.2 - Dissemination and communication plan
Deliverable D9.3 - Impact of dissemination and communication activities - 1st annual report
Deliverable D9.4 - Impact of dissemination and communication activities - 2nd annual report
Deliverable D9.5- Impact of dissemination and communication activities - 3rd annual report
Deliverable D9.8 - Education and Training Plan
Deliverable D9.9 - Knowledge exchange of educational and training material
Deliverable D9.10 - Data management plan - first version
Deliverable D9.11 - Data Management Plan - final version
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