Deliverable D5.1 - Technical requirements for the deployment design tools

A coherent set of functional and technical requirements have been developed for the DTOceanPlus suite of design tools based on analysis of gaps between the current state-of-the-art tools, learning from the original DTOcean project, and the stakeholder expectations identified in the user consultation survey.  The technical requirements in this document are translated from the general requirements for the overall suite of tools, and specific requirements (functional, operational, user, interfacing, and data) for the Deployment design tool that will be developed as part of this project.

D5.1 includes a detailed description of the technical requirements of each of the Deployment design tools to be developed within the DTOceanPlus project; moreover, a full section is dedicated to the  technical requirements for the integration of the Deployment design tools with the other sets of tools (Assessment design tools, Structured Innovation design tools and Stage Gate design tools), as well as for the integration with the underlying platform and the digital representations and for the interaction with the user.

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