Deliverable D5.5 - Energy Delivery Tools - alpha version

Deliverable D5.5 “Energy Delivery Tools – alpha version” of the DTOceanPlus project includes the details of the Deployment Design Tools module: “Energy Delivery”, and it presents the result of the work developed during the tasks T5.2 and T5.6 of the project. This document serves as the technical manual of the alpha version of the ED module, including all the data requirements, main functions, interfaces and all pertinent technical details.

This document describes the use cases and the functionalities, as well as the more technical aspects of the code implemented for the alpha version of this module. The ED module is built to be used as a standalone tool or within the framework of design tools of the DTOceanPlus project. It will offer two main design modes, a simplified design mode to give an estimate of costs and performance at an early stage, and a full design mode for later in the device/project development path.
The main outputs of the ED module are: optimised electrical network layouts and components for the electrical infrastructure, electrical losses within the network, and the power and energy delivered to the grid connection point.
The Business Logic, i.e. the core functions of the ED module, has been implemented in Python 3, based on the Electrical Sub-Systems design module from DTOcean 2.0. The code is provided with an Application Programming Interface (API), developed following the Open API specifications. The Business Logic of the new code was verified through the implementation of unit tests, guaranteeing easy maintainability for future developments of the module. The preliminary tests and verifications performed are also presented.
A section of this report is dedicated to examples, showing the capabilities of the module for the design of electrical infrastructure at various levels of complexity and array configurations.

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