Deliverable D5.6 - Station keeping tools - alpha version

Deliverable D5.6 “Station keeping Tools – alpha version” of the DTOceanPlus project describes the details of the Deployment Design Tools module: “Station Keeping” (SK), and it represents the result of the work developed during the tasks T5.2 and T5.7 of the project. This document summarizes both the module functionalities and the more technical aspects of the code implemented in this module.

The SK tools provides the user with a set of functionalities to design and assess the station keeping system, namely the foundation base, the mooring lines and the anchors. The functionalities of the SK module from the previous versions of DTOcean have been improved and new functionalities have been added. The main improvements are the implementation of frequency domain approach, fatigue analysis of mooring lines, increased flexibility of the mooring system modelling and robust design of foundation bases and anchors.
The Business Logic of the code, i.e. the actual functions of the SK module where the physics is modelled, has been implemented in Python 3. Moreover, the code is provided with an Application Programming Interface (API), developed in OpenAPI, in order to interact and communicate with the other modules of the DTOceanPlus platform. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is to be further developed, consistently with the other modules, in Vue.js, allowing the user to interact easily with the SK tool, inputting data and visualizing results.
The Business Logic of the code has been verified through the implementation of unit tests, guaranteeing easy maintainability for future developments of the tool. A Section of Examples completes the present document, showing some capabilities of the tool. Further work will imply the development of the GUI, as well as improvement and testing of the communication between other modules of the DTOceanPlus suite.

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