Deliverable D6.2 - Performance and Energy Yield Tools - alpha version

Deliverable D6.2 “Performance and Energy Yield Tools – alpha version” of the DTOceanPlus project include the details of the Assessment Design Tools module: “System Performance and Energy Yield” (SPEY), and it presents the result of the work developed during the tasks T6.2 and T6.3 of the project. This document serves as the technical manual of the alpha version of the SPEY module, including all the data requirements, main functions, interfaces and all the pertinent technical details.

This document summarises both the functionalities as well as the more technical aspects of the code implemented for the alpha version of this module. The System Performance and Energy Yield tools will provide the user with a set of relevant metrics and assessments pertinent to the performance of the ocean energy system in terms of energy production, power quality, and efficiency. Moreover, a set of alternative metrics (dimensional parameters) have been included, representing the performances of the systems against a set of technical parameters, the rated power, wetted surface and mass of the prime mover, and the cable lengths.

The Business Logic of the code, i.e. the actual functions of the SPEY module, has been implemented in Python 3. Moreover, the code is provided with an Application Programming Interface (API), developed in OpenAPI, in order to interact and communicate with the other modules of the DTOceanPlus platform: A Graphical User Interface (GUI) will be developed, consistently with the other modules, in Vue.js, allowing the user to interact easily with the SPEY tool, inputting data and visualising results.

The Business Logic of the code has been fully verified (100%) through the implementation of unit tests, guaranteeing easy maintainability for future developments of the tool. A section of examples completes the present document, showing the capabilities of the tool.

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