Deliverable D7.1 - Standard Data Formats of Ocean Energy Systems

Deliverable D7.1 “Standard Data Formats of Ocean Energy Systems” of the DTOceanPlus project is a report, collecting the outcome of the work carried out during task T7.1 of the project, aiming at fully describing the data used for a generic ocean energy system design in a structured manner. This has been done by means of the definition of a Digital Representation for the elements of the whole system at different levels of aggregation (i.e. array, devices, sub-systems, and components) and accounting for different levels of complexity of the project. The ambition of the present framework is to standardise the data formats describing an ocean energy design so that it can be used as a common interchange language among different sector actors. This means that the scope of the present digital representation for Ocean Energy Systems is not going to be limited to the DTOceanPlus project.

In order to fully capture the main aspects of an ocean energy system, the present digital representation framework has accounted for:

  • Elements of the technology design (physical domain), phases of the technology lifecycle (process domain) and constraints from the context (external environment)
  • A vertical dimension, that describes a set of hierarchical connections among subsystems and components,
  • A transversal dimension, accounting for the individual and specific components of the system.

The present deliverable describes the needs, features and structure of the Digital Representation, and provides some actual implementation examples. The data formats for each subsystem of the representation have been included and described in the annex.

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