Deliverable D7.3 - Scenarios Input Data

DTOceanPlus aims at accelerating the commercialisation of the Ocean Energy sector by developing and validating an open source suite of design tools for the selection, development, deployment and assessment of ocean energy systems (including sub-systems, energy capture devices and arrays). The suite of tools will include a Structured Innovation (SI) tool, for the technology concept selection, a Stage Gate (SG) tool, for the technology development process, as well as a set of Deployment and Assessment (D&A) tools for the design of the system and its validation.

The DTOceanPlus suite of tools will be validated by running a set of validation scenarios (VSs), which will demonstrate the different uses of the software under a wide set of conditions, including various deployment sites, technology types and maturity levels, as well as design objectives and project scales.
This report describes the compilation of required data inputs for the various VSs. Each scenario is characterised through a set of project data, inherent to the technology as well as metocean conditions and other location related data. Further engagement with the validation leaders is ensuring that the data is adequately formatted for the purposes of running the DTOceanPlus tools.
In order to avoid any harm to the commercialisation prospects of industrial partners, the consortium agreed on a data management methodology that will permit the validation whilst maintaining the required data privacy.
A thorough analysis of the current availability of the data for running the scenario has been carried out for each VS. Particularly, detailed data specifications related to the intended site, technology, development activities and catalogues have been gathered according to DTOceanPlus tools requirements.
No significant data gaps have been identified at this stage of the scenario definition. In some cases, the design tools will use default values or will be run at lower complexity level to deal with some limited data available to developers.

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