Deliverable D7.5 - Database visualisation and maintenance tool

Deliverable D7.5 “Database visualisation and maintenance tool” of the DTOceanPlus project includes the details of the Catalogues module, and it presents the current status of the implementation of the catalogues. This document includes the main requirements, use cases, as well as implementation details and is completed with some examples; it can serve as a technical manual of the Catalogues module.

This document describes the functionalities and the technical aspects of the code implemented to meet them. The Catalogues module will provide users with a single source of reference data that can be managed and used in other modules or tools of the DTOceanPlus project to ease inputs during different phase of a project.
The Business Logic of the code, the functions of the Catalogues module, is implemented in Python 3 and the corresponding Application Programming Interface (API) in OpenAPI, both are generated using the open-source SAFRS framework. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is generated using the open-source Flask-Admin framework and will be customized to be consistent with other modules of the DTOceanPlus platform. The GUI will allow the users to interact easily with the Catalogues tools, for managing and visualising data.
The current approach for the implementation of the tool is geared towards easy configurability and adaptability to change to provided catalogues. A section of examples shows the current capabilities of the tool, the currently provided catalogues, and remarks for any change of these catalogues’ data.

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