Deliverable D7.7 - Demonstration results of integrated design tools for wave energy

The objective of the task was to carry out at least three wave energy demonstration cases to showcase the applicability of the tools to concept generation and selection, technology development and farm deployment and optimisation. Where possible, demonstration cases with strong links across the tools were selected, and priority was given to real cases ( cases at highest TRL) where real data could be obtained. The aim of this document is to present the activity carried out by the four industrial partners, CorPower Ocean, Enel Green Power, Wave Energy Scotland and IDOM, who validated the DTOceanPlus suite of tools against five wave energy validation scenarios.

These wave scenarios have been structured since the first phase of the project. These five validation scenarios aim to validate the three tools: the Structured Innovation, Stage Gate and Deployment & Assessment tools at different aggregation levels: array, device and sub-system. The industrial partners solved real wave energy use cases by using the DTOceanPlus suite of tools with real input regarding their technology and the relevant deployment sites (Spain, Portugal, Chile). The objectives focused on different aspects such as: creating an innovative wave energy converter concept, finding innovative solutions for a utility-scale device, defining an objective technology development stage and improving device performances for moving a step forward along the innovation path and finally to optimise array layout.

During the validation activity, the industrial partners worked in a strong cooperative way together with academic partners and modules developers to jointly solve software’s errors and improve modules functionalities and relevant interconnection. This enhancement process led to four integrated tools software releases: from v0.9.0 (02/07/21) till V1.1.1, the optimised version that achieved the TRL6 maturity and was issued for public use on the 31st of August.

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