Deliverable D7.9 - Overall technical and sector recommendations

This deliverable is a report documenting the outcome of the work carried out in a task T7.6 which was organised to match different objectives. The first objective was to deliver an overview of the outcomes of the verification tasks since the feedback from the users’ experience will be useful to improve the performance of the tools beyond the project end. The results of the validation scenarios, based on the feedback produced by the validation partners, will generate useful recommendations for the stakeholders willing to improve global performance of ocean energy arrays, single devices or critical components and subsystems. The work developed throughout the validation tasks will benefit from DTOceanPlus tools to perform several activities, articulated in the respective reference validation scenarios, both for wave and tidal energy.

The validation tasks will be centred on (but not limited to):

  • selecting the most promising investment potential to match the innovation targets at the lowest possible cost
  • identifying innovation areas where improving or developing new energy concepts
  • identifying enabling technologies
  • pinpointing any gaps or obstacles for a new attractive concept to be commercialised
  • comparing the output of the DTOceanPlus suite of tools with those calculated differently
  • performing techno-economic analysis to understand the feasibility of the industrial partners’ devices.

An overview of the ocean energy sector as a whole was subsequently provided, namely benefitting from feasibility and cost-benefit analysis of different funding mechanisms, business management models in ocean energy and potential opportunities of sector coupling for the ocean energy supply chain, to conclude with an assessment of the current legal framework governing ocean energy technologies. A knowledge base comprehensive of interesting findings and lessons learnt from the project was built as added value.

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