Deliverable D9.1 - Project website and forum(s)

The deliverable (D9.1) is a public deliverable (Website) of the DTOceanPlus project, produced in the context of WP9, Task 9.1. The objective of “WP9 - Exploitation, Dissemination and Education” is to maximise the project impacts on the wave and tidal energy sector and the European value chain in general. “Task 9.1 - Stakeholders engagement” aims at deploying communication tools including a website for transparent information and active publicity, an official forum to support the community and an open-source collaborative development and exploitation framework of the developed tools. This document presents the first step in achieving website’s launching.   

 A dedicated website for dissemination and communication purposes has been produced at the beginning of the project and will be updated throughout the project, including updated information about the project, news, events, and downloadable material (public deliverables, opensource tools…). The website will be linked from and to the partners’ website and relevant scientific communities. The website will be available online by 31st July 2018 and accessed at   

Different audiences are being considered and the information, while technical and complete, have been streamlined and presented in a way that is accessible by a wide range of stakeholders.

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