Deliverable D9.4 - Impact of dissemination and communication activities - 2nd annual report

The dissemination and communication activities are critical to maximize the impact of the project through proactive promotion of its objectives and results and, with the target to promote the design tools which will be produced and released for their future exploitation. The DTOceanPlus consortium decided that all dissemination, communication, training and education activities will be reported and evaluated at the end of each year of the project. This document is the second annual report on dissemination and communication activities and corresponds to the deliverable D9.4.

During this second year of the project, actions were mainly dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of new tools for a number of audiences who will benefit from this suite and to engage with target groups to facilitate adoption and usage of DTOceanPlus design tools.

The project website appears as the main channel for information dissemination, but social media are proving to be valuable assets in generating traffic on the, with high number of downloaded documentations produced by the DTOceanPlus team. Mainstream media are a good way to reach the general public and the number of articles about the project is higher than expected. DTOceanPlus was presented in numerous meetings, workshops and conferences at regional and international levels. Globally, most of the targets have improved during this second of the project and some of them are well beyond the initial objectives.

The promotion of the project through events will be even more intensified during the last year of DTOceanPlus thanks to communication on the α and β versions of the tools. It has however to be mentioned, that the current situation worldwide linked to the COVID-19 crisis does not allow to be fully confident regarding some of the planned actions like conference attendance or training session organisation.

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